13 things PAP need to get right before Singaporeans will be happy

Let me compound what we have achieved so far

1) highest ministers salaries
2) highest erp charge
3) highest World Cup package
4) highest education cost( bulk of taxpayers monies given to foreigners who break bond), locals who are poor had to borrow money from banks and after graduation, saddled with debts
5) highest healthcare cost( simple MRI scan cost 500)
6) highest utility bill( sp power is the only sole provider) monopolistic control
7) highest coe( probably bike might hit 5k , cars 100k for a piece of paper that does not reduce traffic congestion)
8) highest hdb price( last yr 1 hdb break a million bucks)
9) highest trains breakdown. (23 times this yr include this, yet fares still going up )
10) highest retirement age ( Temasek always spend taxpayers money buying things that doesn’t give them superior return , thus, ordinary citizens keep on working while our ordinary account earns only a measly 2.5%)
11) highest population density(7400 people per square km)
12) highest foreigners intake (2.11 million +prs+ new citizens)
13) highest rent at town (a retail shop easily have to pay rent of 50-60k, depressing profit margin and hence, can’t paid higher salaries to workers)

Summed it up, we are the most expensive city in the world

Solve all these factors, more Singaporeans will be very happy .

Ong Liang Wei

All these components , if they do not solved it,just remove them

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