Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI) is a government mouthpiece used to brainwash Singaporeans

The PAP has come out all guns blazing to refute Singapore’s reputation as the world’s most expensive city.

We know that this is not done to convince citizens who are trapped here with their CPF money held hostage but really for foreigners who may otherwise be deterred from coming to Singapore.

The task of refuting the EIU report has fallen on a pseudo-academic think tank called the Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI) which is really a research centre in the LKY School of Public Policy which hosts the likes of foreign Indian academic Parag Khanna who has called for a 10m population and Kishore Mabubhani who is a staunch critic of democracies.

The ACI yesterday claims that S’pore is ranked 60th in cost of living. Well the person behind this is none other than its co-director Tan Khee Giap who has in the past called on Singaporeans to stop complaining so much.

Now the question we all need to ask is: in the midst of rising cost of living, is the PAP interested in solving the real issue or simply getting apologists like Tan to try to convince people that Singapore is really fine and dandy?

If it is convinced that Cost of Living is not an issue, we dare it to stop giving GST vouchers before the next elections.

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