Tips to Pass your Traffic Police Driving Test (Class 3)

The Politic-alyst passed his driving test on the 17th of February 2009, at Ubi Driving Centre, 14 demerit points on his first try. The following lists out the demerit points he got:

a. Turn steering whilst vehicle is stationary – 2 points
b. Fail to look out for traffic / pedestrians at junction – 4 points
c. Fail to keep left (road hogging) – 6 points
d. Fail to use appropriate gear – 2 points

So now on to the tips to passing your driving test.

The three most important things that a tester is looking for are SAFETY, SKILLS and CONFIDENCE, in this order.

0. Believe that you can pass (and prepare yourself sufficiently)
The zeroeth step to success is believing that you can succeed and you will be able to exude
this. The testers are highly experienced and they can make a good guess about whether
you will pass even before you start. Exude confidence and succeed.

1. Dress neatly on the day
The testers will form a first judgment of you. Wearing your low jeans with spiky hair or looking like a junkie high on drugs is not going to help score any points with the older-than-life testers. Dress smartly and you will be off to a winning start.

Girls have been recommended to wear short skirts to the test. I understand that it is not necessarily true. (My friend failed while wearing it.)
Shoes are strongly preferred so start using them when you are learning. For newbies like us, the difference is not easy to overcome.

2. Be at the waiting room early
When i took my test, there was a lady that was waiting outside the waiting room. When her tester came looking for her, he was quite pissed that she was not there and berated her accordingly. Lessons learnt from being there early: 1. it will calm you down and 2. it will
calm the tester done.

3. Switch off your handphone
You can fail for using your handphone while you are driving. So be on the safe side and
switch it off. Especially if you have a stupid ringtone that shouts for you to pick your phone

4. Visualise the test
The test will begin with you meeting the tester, going to the car, starting your engine and going into the circuit. He can and will choose any of the 6 stations to begin with. Then when you can, you will go out onto the roads and you will be back.

5. Don’t try to kiss the tester’s ass (at the start)
These testers are damn lao jiao so they know if you are trying to kiss their ass too much.
Play it cool but not aloof. When he (i’m not being sexist but i understand that there are no female testers) knows that you are quite skillful, he will open up slowly. Help him be professional and he will help you pass.
Some people have recommended lying about how they need the license. If it’s not true, don’t
reduce yourself to that level.

6. Don’t be a smart alec
The first of the 3 things they are looking out for is SAFETY (Bolded again for emphasis). Wait for instructions before you do ANYTHING. (I even waited before I started my engine.)

7. Adjust your seat and your mirrors
Show that you are SAFETY FIRST.

Now on to the actual test…

*** IMPORTANT *** : The tester will definitely scold you for anything (why so slow, why you never check, why this, why that) Don’t worry. My trick was replying yes sir (i think i had more than 3 bags full at the end but passing is most important.)

8. Circuit
Check your blindspot like your life depends on it.
Be slow and steady, (at most gear 2) and be prepared to make sudden turns as the tester may give you sudden instructions or do an e-brake.
Remember the stations by parts and you will do fine.
Always clarify what the tester wants you to do. It’s okay to be a bit irritating.

9. On the roads
Keep left (see my roadhogging – 6 points)
Signal early
My instructor told me to gear up faster and use gear 4 when appropriate(apparently it shows that you are confident)
Keep away from taxis (advice from a taxi driver)
Be fully aware of pedestrians as well as cyclists

If you are good enough, your test should be quite fast, normal test is 45min. (Mine was 20 minutes)

Good Luck

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