PRC SBS driver ignores man’s plea for help as he gets beaten up on bus

Kumar said he was assaulted by a drunk passenger on SBS bus service 12 (SBS 9437 R) on March 24 (mon) at 9.30pm, but he said the bus driver did not help and even allowed the passenger to alight from the bus.

Kumar told Stomp that there were around five to seven passengers on the bus at the time, but none stepped forward to provide assistance.

According to Kumar, the big-sized man, who was heavily tattooed and smelled of alcohol, was the last person to board the bus after him at Pasir Ris Interchange.

Kumar was tapping his ez-link card when the man walked past him and said a few vulgar words before proceeding to stand next to the exit door where Kumar’s wife was seated, despite there being many seats in the bus.

The man then started staring and shouting at Kumar after he asked why he had muttered the vulgar words.

Kumar says:

“After I asked him why he had to say such vulgar words, he replied it was meant for the driver so I ignored him.

“A while later, he started asking me, “What is the problem,” and demanded for a fight, wanting me to get down at the next bus stop.

“That was when I knew he was serious and looking for trouble.”

Kumar then alerted the Chinese national bus driver to what was happening and asked him to call the control room to summon the police.

However, the bus driver ignored him and continued driving, even though the bus had not left the interchange then.

Kumar had asked the driver for help around four to five times throughout the journey as the man had continued threatening him to a fight, but was repeatedly ignored by the bus driver, who simply continued driving even though Kumar was standing right next to him.

The man then started raining punches on Kumar suddenly.

Kumar adds:

“The drunk man also challenged to call the police and said he is not scared.

“The man suddenly started to throw punches on me and I fell near the driver.

“There were about five to seven passengers on the lower deck of the double-decker bus I was on, but no one, not even the driver, came forward to help.

“My wife was screaming for help but the driver kept driving and even opened the exit door to let the man alight!

“This whole incident happened right next to the driver, who finally informed the control room about what happened after I was attacked.”

According to Kumar, he had fallen onto the floor during the fight and saw a hand phone lying on the floor.

He presumed it to be the attacker’s hand phone and picked it up to hand it over to the police.

He asked the bus driver if he could stop the bus at Pasir Ris Police Centre, which is along the bus route but was told the bus could only stop at designated bus stops.

Kumar alighted the bus two stops later and made a police report at the Pasir Ris Police Centre before going to Changi General Hospital for treatment.

He adds:

“The Chinese national driver ignoring my urgent calls for assistance is completely unacceptable.

“Letting the man alight after attacking me is a serious betrayal of trust to a member of public.

“I do not know who is the man who attacked me as he is a total stranger to me.

“This man is dangerous to members of the public and I hope the police will be able to catch him soon.

“I also hope that SBS and the relevant authorities will be able to investigate this matter.

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