RCs themselves are also blur about Pioneer Package

Not that I am looking down on these grassroots but I really think we have to be selective.

Grassroots volunteers to help older understand Pioneer Generation Package? One auntie that I know who claimed to be helping in her RC and even attended meetings dun even know about CPF regulation.Want work flexi hour but every time claim towkay underpay her and deduct her CPF when her income exceeds 500 dollars. Ask her work less than 500 dollar, she says money not enough.

How to depend on such RC members who dun know the basic simple regulations to tell others about complicated Pioneer Generation Package.

We need those who are more professional to conduct such briefings for those interested residents as not all grassroots understand what is this PGP. Go and test those volunteers whether they know what it’s about. I myself also catch no ball.

Grassroots volunteers really need to contribute more if they really want to serve the residents, not waiting for discounted tours or just for singing karaoke. Otherwise, it will only backfire causing more loss of votes.

Just wonder how come so many talents in TRE here got time with keyboard but no time to contribute huh? I very blur.

I dun even know who are my RC members except one who happens to live next door to me.

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