HDB discriminates against overseas Singaporeans

‘I am a Singaporean born, bred and who had done 2.5 years of national service. Since I was having difficulties getting a HDB flat and since I got a good job offer in Australia I decided to move for a few years and aimed to return after I get my HDB flat. However HDB has become more inflexible in my case probably because i am applying from outside the country. No rule says it’s not allowed.

Just arbitrariness. However I see so many Singapore Permanent Residents who have moved here. They all lived in Singapore for as short as 3 years, were allowed to buy HDB and are renting it out for extra income. If any pressure came they sell it at high prices (they have holding power), adding to price bubble and make real estate gains. It’s so weird how those who use Singapore gain but those who sacrifice for Singapore loose.

I am not angry at foreigners. They just using the opportunities dished to them. Those who need to be blamed are PAP, the rigid and blind civil service and PAP supporters.’

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