MH370: New satellite images show more than 100 objects that may be from plane

KUALA LUMPUR — New satellite images have revealed more than 100 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be debris from a Malaysian jetliner missing since March 8 with 239 people on board, Malaysia’s Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said today (March 26).

Mr Hishammuddin told a news conference that the images were captured by France-based Airbus Defence and Space on March 23.

“The images were given to the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA) who then passed it to the Australian authorities,” he said. “MRSA analysed the images and — in one area of the ocean measuring some 400 sq km — were able to identify 122 potential objects.”

Mr Hishammuddin said some of the objects were a metre in length while others were as much as 23m in length, adding that some of the objects appeared to be bright, possibly indicating solid materials.

He, however, cautioned that none of the objects had been identified yet nor could it be linked to MH370 before verification.

They are the fourth set of satellite images to show potential debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in a remote part of the Indian Ocean roughly 2,500km south-west of Perth. No confirmed debris from the Boeing 777 has yet been identified.

Separately. Xinhua has reported that two Chinese ships are together looking for a 2m floating object spotted earlier in the day by an aircraft searching for the missing jet.

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