Confessions of a female SMU student

I just had a big shock recently. Several of my friends, whom i had known for over a year, revealed to me that the only reason they hung out with me in the first place was because they were hoping to use me to help them get a dream job with a bank (my father is pretty high up in one of the major banks). When i didnt pull strings with my father to help them out, they started looking elsewhere and apparently found someone else who was willing to help them (i don’t know any details about who or what exactly). Now that my usefulness to them has run out (their own words), they don’t see any point in pretending to be friends with me anymore and have cut off contact with me completely. Now everytime they see me on campus, they just pretend to be complete strangers, when previously we met each other almost everyday for meals, to study or just to hang out.

Our mutual friends noticed something odd has been going on and talked to me about it. When i told them my story, most of them reacted with complete disbelief, and in some cases, with anger against me. “There’s no way that could be true, X is such a nice guy!” was the common theme. One of their girlfriends got so angry that she accused me of being jealous of the two of them and told me never to speak to her again, and started unfriending me on facebook and everywhere else, apparently convinced i was trying to make them break up to steal her boyfriend. One guy just spent an hour coming up with all kinds of “what if” scenarios to explain away their actions, like “maybe” they were just “pretending” to give me some kind of “surprise”, rather than consider the possibility that they were faking friendship in the first place.

Of course these guys told our mutual friends a very different story. I’m not sure what exactly, since nobody is willing to give specifics, but they are apparently acting like the victim and claiming that i did something to hurt them terribly and am now attempting to victimize them even further. After they found out that i had told our mutual friends about what they did and said, they have started harrassing me…really childish stuff like giving me tons of mis calls on the phone, mass inviting my facebook account to FB game requests, sending me sarcasitc messages to show how well they are doing without me, one of them even sent me SMSes filled with vulgarities and threats.

I showed all these to our mutual friends (the ones who were still willing to speak to me anyway), and the strangest thing is, while a few of them were convinced that these guys are not the saints they pretend to be, every single one of them still wants to be friends with them! They don’t care that they might be getting used the way i was, they just care that well, they are doing these nasty things to me, not them, so they aren’t getting hurt by it. They just keep telling me how nice these guys are to them/others (usually involving favors that these guys did for them) and that i should just “ignore them” and “move on”. I mean, wow, how opportunistic can you get? I even got a lecture that this drama was making everyone uncomfortable as it was somehow my fault when i’m the one being harrassed?!

And a few days ago these guys apparently got together, got drunk, and called me on speaker phone. I didn’t recognize the number (they were using a landline i wasn’t familiar with) so i picked up. I then heard them swearing and threatening me while obviously drunk and slurring their speech, threatening to rape me, etc, etc. It took a while for me to recognize their voices, and then i just hung up as quickly as i could. Nobody believes that they did this because it’s my word vs theirs and they are just insisting it never happened, and of course they are such “nice guys” that everyone believes them…

What should i do? It doesn’t look like i can trust any of my friends anymore since all they care about is how many favors they can get from these guys as opposed to how they are hurting me…

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