DPM Teo why did you grant a radical Singapore citizenship?

Dear DPM Teo Chee Hean,

I read the news about a new citizen, who was an Indian national before being granted Singapore citizenship, deciding to be radicalised and traveling to Syria to fight in its civil conflict.

He is also said to be working as a supermarket manager.

From what I see, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to become a supermarket manager. I gather that he must have been a PR for a few years before you granted him citizenship. Was he working as a supermarket manager when he was a PR? Why can’t this job be done by our own Singaporeans in the first place? Why let foreigners come into Singapore to even take such jobs and forcing our own people to end up as taxi drivers?

I know of many Singaporean taxi drivers are willing to switch jobs if they can be paid $2-3K a month doing a 9 to 5 job. Given a choice, they won’t want to drive 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to earn that $2-3K.

The report said the new citizen is 37 years old and was granted citizenship in 2008. That means, he was 31 years old when he became a Singaporean. Does he have NS liability? I presumed he doesn’t. If you say he is too old to do NS, what about us who have to do reservist duty all the way till 40 years old?

How come we at 40 years old are still deemed to be fit to do fast march for few km before charging up a hill to take an objective? What about him at 31 years old? He is even fit enough to go fight a real war in Syria at the age of 37!

Now, it is said that the new citizen has a buddy, a Singapore PR who abetted him in his radicalisation. The PR is said to be working as a system analyst with an MNC. I would like to know how this person, an Indian national also, got his PR.

Why gave him PR?

Also, please send your ISD people to go check all the foreigners working in that MNC. We Singaporeans want to be sure that the MNC has not become a meeting place for people to become radicals.

Please also find out who recruited him to work in that MNC. It could be a situation where they are “hiring their own kinds” – radicals hiring radicals. For the sake of safety in this country, I urge you, Mr Teo, to do the necessary checking.

New immigrants like these 2 are giving us native Singaporeans a bad name!

I won’t be surprised that, in future, Singaporeans will be subjected to more stringent checks by foreign authorities when we travel abroad, thanks to your government’s wanton abuse of issuing citizenship to every Tom, Dick and Harry foreigners!

Angry Native Singaporean

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