Shariah law leads to highest incidence of statutory rape amongst Malays

This is absurd. The fact is that the highest incidence of statutory rape occurs among Malays in Malaysia (a whopping 80%, when their demographic percentage is 50.4%), and it has nothing to do with the supposed ‘under-reporting’ by other communities or their supposed ‘tolerance’ of child rape.

The real issue here is the area of ambiguity created by having a dual legal system for Muslims. Under civil law, the age of consent is 16, and sexual intercourse committed with those under this age is considered statutory rape. BUT under syariah law, a Muslim girl under 16 CAN get married with the permission of a syariah judge. Many Muslims actually believe that anyone past puberty is of marriageable age–and has therefore reached the age of consent.

(And it has to be said that the ‘immoral’ and ‘decadent’ West has higher ages of consent and marriage.)

The way some Muslim jurists have interpreted the Quran and Sunnah have tragically resulted in child marriages and forced marriages occurring in many Muslim societies throughout the world. Maybe some Malaysians should start focusing on the very real problem of (underage) straight marriage first before they decide to expend their energies on the non-existent problem of gay marriage in their country.

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