Confessions of an ex RC member

I used to be a RC member but stopped volunteering after 2 years. In the 2 years, I have seen:

1) PA staff running the RC and not the volunteers. The PA staff acted like he was the king, directing chairman and treasurer to sign cheques and not going through the committee.

2) RC members helping themselves to goodies. Whenever there are goodies meant for needy people, RC members sure take and keep in some corner, leaving the minimum to be distributed. Of course, if you know the RC people, you can ask them to reserve for you. This includes gifts for block parties, souvenirs and many more.

3) Certain RC interest groups have more funding. I tried to start an interest group but was told to find money myself! But at the same time, another interest group gets close to $2000 for them to go excursions, go to attractions… all in the name of practising martial arts there!

4) RC meetings are full of suggestions to get money for interest groups… seldom are issues related to residents – few were raised and discussed. It is only when the issue concerns them, then they will say they speak for the residents and the residents’ benefits.

What a bunch of crap! No wonder people get turned off by the so-called “grassroots leaders”!!!! All nothing but care for themselves only.

Ex RC member

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