Complaint: LTA shows no mercy to first time offenders

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Been following your post and you bring the livelihood and stories of Singaporeans online. I have an issue and I hope you can give me some advise. It is about a traffic fine and I hope you can share my story with fellow Singaporeans.

I own an OPC car and works in Thailand. I use my OPC car one weekend a month. I am the 1st owner of the car for 8 years and paid my OPC license promptly.

Unfortuately on 13 Feb 2014, I used my car and forgot to buy my OPC license. LTA diligently sent me a summon fine of $200. Despite me writing in to appeal my first time offence, LTA’s repliy was straight and my appeal was rejected with no reason for the reject.

Just because of a slip of mind, the Government will penalized us without mercy. There is no grounds for compassion, only rigid policy.

I called the officer in charge of my case but was told that the $200 fine was already a compassionate amount for a 1st time offender. He challenged me to go higher authority if I wanted to appeal further. This caught me by surprise. Who was this higher authority? Who can I sent my appeal to?

I hope Singaporeans can enlighten me on this. I have been working in Thailand for 10 years now and I am lost as to who I can send my appeals to. Civil servants are so arrogant nowadays.

Dannis Lee

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