Feel kinda pissed off by the article by the British blogger, a former journalist who complained that Singaporeans lack compassion. Just because of an incident in the MRT, she gave an irrational judgment and labeled the rest of Singaporeans, including our ministers. If you want to ask me, I think Caucasians in London are really racist. My friend complained that a Caucasian lady sarcastically insulted her in English as she assumed my friend don’t understand English when she watched a west end musical in London. She did not enjoy her trip in London, as Londoners are not friendly towards the Chinese.

The Caucasian lady was surprised and embarrassed when my friend replied in fluent English and retorted.

Well, that is one of the main reasons why I don’t want to travel to Europe alone and spend so much money yet receive substandard service just because you are of another colour. If she is not happy, the departure gate in Changi airport is always open.

But then I can’t say every Londoner caucasians are racist though there are many. But then bumping into one or two racist people will just spoil your trip.

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