A man who allegedly spat at two women at a Woodlands bus interchange claimed that one of the women had insulted his mother and called him “Stupid Malay”.

Juraimi Kamaludin, 48, who is unemployed, has claimed trial to five charges of scolding and shouting at commuters in an aggressive manner. He is accused of spitting and pushing Ms Teoh Lay Peng out of the bus and spitting at Ms Lee Kuan Eng six times in 10 minutes.

Ms Lee, 34, a secretary, testified that she boarded Service 950 at the Woodlands Regional Bus interchange on the evening of Oct 22 last year and saw Juraimi arguing and scolding Ms Teoh, 41.

Ten minutes later, when the bus did not move because of the spat, the passengers on board appealed to Juraimi to get off. Someone also asked for the police to be called.

Ms Lee also told Juraimi to get off the bus. She then called the police hotline and said loudly “Bloody hell”. She said the words were not directed at Juraimi.

But Juraimi pulled her hand and blocked her way when she alighted from the bus. He asked why she had scolded him. But she denied this.

He showed her his pink identity card when she asked if he was a true or pure Singaporean.

She told the court that Juraimi was very aggressive and agitated, and stood so close to her that his chest almost touched hers. She pushed him away and shouted: “Molest! Molest!” but Juraimi continued to walk aggressively towards her. She then pushed him.

Video clips of the incident were shown in court.

At one stage, Ms Lee said an unremorseful Juraimi had told her to “go back to China”. But she did not utter a word.

Ms Teoh then took a video of Juraimi, who also took out his cellphone but Ms Teoh ran away. He then approached Ms Lee, who tried to snatch his phone. He tried to push her but a bus security guard stepped in between them.

Ms Lee said Juraimi spat at her more than twice.

When Ms Lee asked Ms Teoh if she had counted how many times he spat at her, Juraimi showed a hand sign of six.

Asked by Deputy Public Prosecutor Francis Zhang how she felt about Juraimi’s behaviour, Ms Lee said if he was a true Singaporean, he should not be behaving in such a way in public. “It is a disgrace,” she said. She added that he should not spitting at a woman and it was “more like bullying”.

Under cross-examination, Juraimi accused her of lying when Ms Lee insisted she did not say anything more other than “Bloody hell”.

“You know why I asked you to go back to China.. because you did not answer me. Why did you say I am stupid. You said to me: ‘Stupid Malay’. That’s why I spat at you,” he said. Ms Lee denied this.

Juraimi told Ms Lee that no Singaporean would insult another person’s mother inside the bus. “You are lucky you are a lady. If you are a guy I will not spit at you six times, I will whack you six times,” he said.

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