600 potential runways for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to land

As authorities now look into the possibility that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have been hijacked, reports have emerged about the potential runways where the missing aircraft could have landed.

Mirror in Britain reported that with enough fuel to fly anywhere from Pakistan to Western Australia, the missing plane could have landed in 634 runways after the suspected hijacking.

This is based on a map from WNYC, website of non-profit, noncommercial, public radio stations located in New York City.

According to WNYC, the missing plane could have landed in 634 runways in 26 different countries.

“Data from X-Plane provides coordinates for runways around the world. A Boeing 777 pilot is quoted in Slate as estimating a runway length requirement of 5,000 feet. A recent Wall Street Journal article quoted sources stating the flight could have continued for 2,200 nautical miles from its last known position,” WNYC said.

It added: “The WNYC Data News team found 634 runways that meet these criteria, spread across 26 different countries, including such far-flung places as: Gan Airport (Maldives), Dalanzadgad Airport (Mongolia), Yap Airport (Micronesia), Miyazaki Airport (Japan).”

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