13 things that happen as you grow up in S’pore

Man oh man. So this year’s Chinese New Year came and went. Then Valentine’s Day was over in a jiffy.

Next up will be April Fools’ Day, and then skip a few, and it will be Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s eve again.

Everything is going at break neck speed and I was just talking to my colleague about how certain traditions are slowly but surely crumbling due to growing up and stuff.

And indeed, a lot of things do change as you grow up, both good and bad.

Here’s some things that happen as you grow up grow old in Singapore

1. Chinese New Year can become tiring

When I was young, I looked forward to visiting and playing with my cousins. The best part was playing with fire sparklers and throwing “Pop Pop” around.

Lately, it seemed that I couldn’t get past the day without taking a nap. After saying “Hi” to visitors and making small talk, I’m back to my room sleeping.

And I’m sure all of us are guilty of spending time on our phones while visiting.

2. Your birthday becomes “just another day”

No more cake. No more gatherings. No more celebration. You modestly insist that your birthday is just another normal, average day.

Good or bad? Doesn’t matter. The only question is why?

3. You don’t look forward to an off day from school, but from work

Kind of expected since you’ve graduated.

But note: It may not mean anything. You may be hounded by calls from your boss or you actually have to do work at home.

4. Fear of exams are replaced by fear of upsetting your boyfriend or girlfriend

And the latter is worse.

5. Suddenly, people indulging in their various vice aren’t such bad people

Remember back in primary school they taught us not to smoke, join gangs or even get into a relationship? It was like taboo.

But after growing up, you start making a bunch of friends who actually smoke, binge drink and even *gasp* visit prostitutes.

Yet… what the… they aren’t bad people at all! Who are we to judge eh? Mind blown.

7. For guys, you man up after army

Love it or hate it, army turns you from boys to men. You most definitely won’t shy away from a little physical work. You’d also take unfair treatment in your stride and let things pass.

If not, you aren’t just a boy, you’re a bitch.

8. A day full of activities is near impossible

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t get through a whole day of activities, like staying in Orchard Road for more than seven hours.

I got to plan it nicely such that I balance it out with ample amount of rest. I can’t seize the day.

9. You start making your own money

Because of work. Behold the power of an income!

10. And ironically, you may end up in debt

Because of credit cards. Yes, it’s very possible to become one of those guys who are “in debt”. Be careful.

11. You’ll get tired very often and get out of shape

Also because of work.

12. You’ll look back and ask, “Where has all the time gone?”

13. You’ll ask yourself: “Is this what I’m going to do for the rest of my life?” when you start work

For the first time in your life, you’ll have nothing to look forward to. No more secondary school, JC, Poly or University.

That is why you asked.

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