Locals over the age of ten will remember Sentosa’s water park, Fantasy Island – an oasis of splash-happy fun that was open from December 1994 to 2001. According to an industry expert, its inaccessibility contributed to its downfall, since back then only approved buses were allowed onto Sentosa. Factor in Sentosa’s entrance fee and you have a major financial deterrent for families heading to the park (wham, another admission fee). There was also the notorious haze to consider back in the ’90s, when many were reluctant to brave the smoggy outdoors.

Subsequent tales of ride-related injuries and a drowning had a terrible impact on this once-popular playground. Sadly, Fantasy Island shut its doors after facing a barrage of bad press and low attendance. When asked about the possibility of a second coming, our source (who asked to remain anonymous) was sceptical – ‘once bitten, twice shy’, he said, as many Singaporean parents are neurotic about the ‘dangers’ of their children romping around outdoors and going on potentially wild rides.

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