52-year-old woman earned $325/month as part-timer to pay $6300 penalty to Pawsitive Sensations for breaking bond

Hi Gilbert,

Remember the 52-year-old lady who took on 2 jobs earning only $600/month in order to survive?

I mentioned before about the contract that I have signed demanding penalty payment if I broke the bond even though I paid my own course fee of $1600 (instalment payment of $400/4 months – receipts attached). I have quit in December last year from the company.

Its a Asst Canine Massage Practitioner course and lasted for 6 months. I have completed the course.

Its ridiculous that I have to pay back $6300 for breaking the bond when the course fee of $1600 is all paid by me. Is this fair?

Am suppose to have only one year bond to finish but now they are saying instead of working 3 days a week, my working days change to only working between 1 to 3 half days so they extended my bond to 18 months. My pay back then is only $325 on a part-time basis.

I have also finally found the contract together with the payment receipts that I paid to learn the course and the email from the company on the total amount that I need to pay back for breaking the bond.

Please help to have a look if the company has a case against me?

Am worried because my current 3-month contract job is ending this month and I need to pay Pawsitive Sensations very soon.

I have already paid 2 months of penalty to them for the month of January and February 2014 and March is due this week, thought I hear from you first before paying?

Below is the email exchange and attachment of contract and receipts of my payment for the course.

My boss ever said that all her contracts are done by lawyer so that is the reason I never want to bring up to MOM but since now I got no job and waiting for another to come, I start to worry what if I cannot pay, they are going to send lawyer letter to chase me for payment?

Thanks and Best Regards



Hi Jennifer,

This is official notice that you are required to pay the penalty of $350 per month for 18 months. We appreciate that you had understood and agreed to responsibly pay the penalty for the breaking of the bond.

Note that under your employment contract, you are required to pay $500 per month for each month of your unfinished bond. This is clear in the contract and was set there to ensure that we won’t be in financial trouble when a team member has to leave for whatever reason. Note also that you have more than 2 years left as u worked only 2 or fewer days a week.

However in order to help you I have decided to reduce the remaining months to 18 and the amount per month to $350. I cannot reduce this any further as I have to take into account multiple cost factors which include: extra help we had to hire for the many days u were unable to work, extra workload Michelle had to take on although she is already in charge of most duties, my flight ticket back to test a new apprentice, extra help needed now since your sudden leaving our team, etc etc.

You are required to either make a cash payment or bank transfer by the end of each month (starting January). No payments later than 2 week after due date. To further help you, here are two options:

1. $350 per month for 18 months. Start January 2014, end June 2015
2. $262.50 per month for 24 months. Start January 2014, end December 2015

Please select an option and let both Michelle and myself know. Each time payment is made (whether cash or bank transfer) we will send a confirmation email to you. Note that this is a contractually binding agreement.

We do wish you all the best in your new work environment. And best wishes to you and three little ones in health and happiness.



Owner, Pawsitive Sensations

12 January 2014 (emailed)

Editor’s note: We have forwarded this mail and all relevant documents to MOM for their processing and intervention. The bond period stated in the contract is 18 months for a full time employee and 30 months for a part-timer.

– See more at: http://www.transitioning.org/2014/03/12/52-year-old-woman-earned-325month-as-part-timer-to-pay-6300-penalty-to-pawsitive-sensations-for-breaking-bond/#sthash.SVCdkGgo.dpuf

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