Nicole Seah to move to Thailand to further career

Opposition figure Nicole Seah, who rose to fame after contesting in the 2011 General Election, will move to Thailand to further her advertising career.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday night, the 27-year-old said she remained a member of the National Solidarity Party and its Central Executive Committee, and pledged to return for the next election, widely expected to be called in 2016.

She said the decision to relocate was difficult, but listed Asean’s diversity as one of several pull factors.

“Thailand is a much larger country than Singapore, and the larger scale of work, managerial duties and budgets involved will be training for the challenges of public service,” she wrote.

It is also near Singapore, allowing her to return regularly to keep in touch with the ground.

She added she will be back once a month for house visits and a tuition programme on Saturdays.

Last November, she candidly discussed her struggles and self-doubt in a Facebook post, revealing that she had suffered rape and death threats since becoming a public figure.

She also recently lost two jobs and her grandmother was diagnosed with stomach cancer – the news of which caused her to have a panic attack.

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