[The Word was preached before the smashing of the idols]

I was sentenced to serve time in Selarang Park DRC (SPD) on 23 March
2006 for vandalism while working for a loan-sharks. I was devastated as
my incarceration left my family in financial difficulties.

For the first 2 months, I attended Buddhist counseling at SPD but I didn’t
receive any comfort. On the recommendation of my officer, I switched to
Christian Chapel service and there I met my FCBC counselors for the
first time. They were later to become my cell-group brothers. Though I
felt peace at the chapel service, I rejected their invitation to receive Jesus
as Lord and Savior; I insisted on asking my family first.

When my family visited in August, I told them that I wanted to accept
Jesus. I was ready for a mouthful from my father but instead of rejecting
me, he encouraged me. When I told him that upon my release, I will
bring my son, Calvin to church, he said that he will join us. I was overjoyed
at this unexpected turn of events.

Thus in spite of the financial problems at home, my heart started to calm
down and I responded to the Lord’s call at the chapel service. He mercifully
gave me visions to build my faith and to assure me of the salvation
and help that my family will receive.

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