Famous Nasi Padang River Valley to close by end March

After selling nasi padang for 57 years, the famous Nasi Padang River Valley at Zion Road will close its doors on March 28.

Co-owner Hariz Pua, 57, cites the lack of manpower, rising rental costs and high food costs as the main reasons for the closure. He also admits on a sombre note that this closure had been pending for some time now, especially since the dinner period has been “quiet”. For the past few months, the outlet closed two hours earlier at 7pm instead of the usual 9pm.

Mr Pua runs the stall, which is popular for its beef rendang, curry chicken and sambal sotong, with the second-generation owner of the outlet, Mr Zulfa Hamid, whose mother started selling nasi padang in River Valley back in 1957.

Mr Pua, who pulls 12-hour shifts at the stall – said: “We have already asked our staff to look for other jobs. If it’s God’s will, we may re-open somewhere else. But for now, we want to take a break.”

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