50-year-old PMET with engineering NUS masters degree under employed and getting fresh graduate salary

Hi Gilbert,

I read your articles about Master degree holders not holding proper JOBs and decided to contribute.

There are many of my classmates who are in similar situation and they are driving taxis. I want to remain anonymous.

I had a MSc (EE) and B Eng (Electrical) and postgraduate Dip (Business admin) – all from NUS.

Yet I am only doing a job for Diploma or ITE graduates – quite depressing.

Now I am above 50 but I have been in this position for 4 years now – getting paid less than a fresh degree graduate.

This is totally abnormal. First world? Want to make me laugh. Rich country but poor people.

Singapore has no quota for Employment pass holders which mean that degrees from local uni can be useless.

They want people to donate to the local universities and train more foreigners to take over our jobs.

I totally agree with whatever you said online.

Very sad situation. If you want to know more let me know.

However we are fighting a losing battle unless more people are affected – for those who still have a good job they can’t care less about those who are unemployed.


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