1. Population white paper is good – its good for you because when they bring in more foreigners, more jobs will be created in the process. Fact – many local PMETs were replaced by incoming foreigners and even if they could find job the salary is being suppressed. Real reason – government wants to convert as many foreigners into new citizens for their votes.

2.Polytechnic education is enough – why study so hard for a degree when you can’t get a job afterwards? Fact – most diploma graduates end up as rank and file workers as highly educated foreigners take up senior positions. Real reason – educated foreigners need good jobs so they can stay on and be enticed to become new citizens. A well-educated population also tends to be demanding and bold.

3. GRC is good – different minority races will be represented in the constituencies. Fact – GRC makes it difficult for opposition to contest as they need to find enough contestants and at least one minority one. Real reason – want to remain in power.

4. Transport fare hike is necessary – need to increase fares as operational cost has gone up. Fact – SMRT and SBS Transit still made 200 million nett profit last year. Real reason – corporate greed.

5. Town council service and conservancy fee increase reasonable – need to increase because cost is creeping up. Fact – town council has a combined sinking fund of $2 billion. Real reason – greed.

6. National service is important – still needs conscription as the world is very dangerous. Fact – the region around us is war-free for almost five decades. Real reason – control and indoctrination of the population.

7. Housing is affordable – $1000 salary and you can own a flat as the government will help home earners with huge subsidy. Fact – many low-income earners could not own a flat and has to rent cheap public housing from the government. Real reason – dependence on government for subsidy thus perpetually under their control and sway.

8. Scholar system is necessary – they need scholars as the talent pool in Singapore is limited. Fact – thinkers and bright people are consistently rounded up by the government to be on their side eg Philip Jeyaretnam. Real reason – less people who are capable will be freed to join the opposition camp and there will be minimal dissent.

9. Limit internet space – people need to read the right stuff as the internet is full of fabrication. Fact – they are worried that people read the truth online as the mass media is controlled. Real reason – control of what can influence the masses.

10. Four races living in harmony – our people need to be segregated according to the four races and respected. Fact – segregation by races has led to discrimination especially at the job front for the minority races and is a classic divide and rule strategy of the ruling party. Real reason – minority races portrayed as the trouble makers for the country thus aligning the majority race with the PAP.

Gilbert Goh

Gilbert Goh is the founder of – A support platform for the Unemployed and Underemployed in Singapore

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