The 1st regional LGBTQI Awards event in Asia is gaining steam with 10 individuals’ recipients, 3 corporates’ recipients, Sebastian Castro as Master of Ceremony and participation from regional LGBTQI organisations

prideSingapore, 3rd March, 2014 – Asia Pink Awards 2014, the 1st regional LGBTQI Awards event, is gaining steam with exciting developments that will mark a successful event that comes against the backdrop of the emergence of a progressive Asia.

On 16th March, the Awards will announce 10 recipients from the individuals’ category and 3 recipients from the corporates’ category chosen by a distinguished panel of judges. Real life examples that anyone can stand up and fight for what’s right, these recipients come from all walks of life; politician, lawyer, social worker, activist, pastor, celebrity.

Highlights of the event include the role of the Master of Ceremony which will be held by Sebastian Castro, the hunk most known for his music video “Bubble” that went viral on Youtube. Paolo Ferrarini, a popular singer in the Italian LGBTQI community, will also be performing songs from his new album at the Awards ceremony.

In the afternoon of the Awards day, there will be six well-established LGBTQIA organisations from all over the region who will be speaking at the pre-Awards seminar. There will be participation fromn Shanghai PRIDE, TAPCPR, Community Business, Free Community Church and Oogachaga, etc. Through the seminar, the event will also encourage exchange of experiences, lessons learnt and best practices in terms of LGBTQIA rights movement in Asian countries.

The Awards ceremony will take place in the evening followed by an after-party.

Hirokazu Mizuhara, Managing Director of ELEMENT said, “This is a great opportunity to network and witness a milestone in the Asian LGBTQIA community. The Awards is primarily a platform to pull focus and for the LGBTQIA Asian community to remain salient in the public sphere”.

Asia Pink Awards 2014
In March 2014, ELEMENT Magazine will be marking its 1st anniversary with the inaugural Asia Pink Awards 2014 held in Singapore. Asia Pink Awards will honour and give recognition to businesses and individuals that have been actively campaigning for diversity and social acceptance of the LGBTQI community in the Asia region.

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