DAVE YAP: Higher S&CC must be justified by services provided

I refer to the report, “8 PAP town councils to raise S&CC” (Feb 28). We have public transport operators raising their fares not in tandem with their service performance and now town councils are raising their fees likewise.

I live in Woodlands, which comes under Sembawang Town Council, and it seems as if the frequency of cleaning services has been reduced. Also, only the areas around lift landings and void decks seem to be cleaned.

I had to call the town council for it to clear discarded boxes that remained near some parked bicycles for three days, posing a fire hazard.

I am disappointed with the reasons for increasing service and conservancy charges: A spike in electricity tariffs, higher spending on lift maintenance and other operational costs.

Every resident is affected by the higher cost of utilities, but where do we find recourse? We are always at the mercy of town councils as our sole service provider.

Higher fees must be justified by the services provided.

Dave Yap

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