5 Common Responses From Pro-Oppositions

This is part one of the two parts series, click here for the '5 Common Responses From Pro-PAP'. I am not here to judge whose responses are ridiculous or superficial, instead if you are guilty of these responses, maybe try and change your comments because they are getting uninteresting and it makes us (in either camps) question your intelligence. By the end of the series, why not guess if I am a pro-opposition or PAP 🙂

FT Steal Our Jobs

We hear this all the time. It can be made by that office worker holding a monthly salary of 3-5k, perfectly safe in where ever he is, but clearly has too much time at work and write such comments on Facebook. Of course there are those who have somewhat legit reasons to lament. Those who got replaced by FTs, because they say FTs 'bring their own kind'.

Variation of this comment includes: Go back to your home country lah! Minimum wage for FTs, NS for Singaporeans. I am Singaporean and I cannot get good job here.

PAP Steal Our Money!!!



So besides FTs stealing our work, the PAP is also accused of stealing our money. The biggest contentious issue lies with our CPF, the seemingly huge account, possibly even larger than our own accounts in banks. I am sure people log in to CPF once in a while to smile at what's inside, but cry later because it felt like Neopets Neopoints (except that you cannot just play games to earn the cash). Of course CPF is not the only way 'PAP steal our money'. In the pro-oppositions' minds, they also steal Singaporeans' money by giving themselves disgustingly high salaries, and give Singaporeans low CPF interest rate which barely fights long-term inflation.

Variation of this comment includes: GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!! PAP makes us poor! Pay And Pay.


Why Other Countries Can Have This And That?


This is in part due to fellow overseas Singaporeans who blog about their awesome life overseas. I get it. It IS nice living overseas but not many people read the fine-prints that these Singaporeans worked hard and took risks just to be there. Anyway, I digress. Pro-oppositions like to compare Singapore to a 'better' developed countries whereas the pro-PAP like to point out the problems in those countries and asked selective questions like why US can have free healthcare, but PAP don't let me take out my Medisave and use? Why cars in Europe are so cheap, but PAP zhng the COE until so high. $400,000 can buy bungalow in Malaysia but I cannot even afford a 4 room resale flat here, wah kao!

Variation of this comment includes: Where is our Swiss standard of living? (and those questions above).




Ah, this is so common, in fact it is so common that even Gilbert Goh is sick of hearing it. Out of all the responses I have mentioned here, this has got to be the lamest comment because the other comments required the person to think of reasonings (no matter how illogical) before writing, but this.. is just.

Ok I have provided enough (too much, in fact) commentary for this comment.
Variation of this comment includes: VOTE PAP OUT. VTO 2016, Cannot wait for 2016. Let's do our part in 2016.


Everything Is PAP's Fault


It is either some netizens have very imaginative minds, or they are really convinced that everything that happen in Singapore (only the bad ones, mind you) are due to the PAP. It sounded like PAP is greater than God himself.  MRT breakdowns can be linked to the PAP because PAP brought in too many FTs and Temasek Holdings is a huge shareholder in SMRT, Singtel and god knows where else so, firms are all linked to PAP or famiLEE

In fact it can get so extreme that things like these happens:
Went Orchard and there are more Pinoys than Singaporeans: PAP's fault
Haze PSI 400: PAP's fault
Heavy rain: PAP's fault
Really, everything. is. PAP's fault.

Variation of this comment includes: No variation since it covers everything lol.

Of course there are more responses the pro-PAPs have, but this is 5 Types, so I intend to keep it to just 5 things. Please share if you have more. You also do not need to bother explaining why people are using these responses. It is okay, I understand, we, as a whole understand. Please like and share 5 Types Facebook Page if you have enjoyed the article. Thank you all for your support thus far 🙂

P/S Do not get angry at this entry or the next one okay? Everyone should just keep calm and chill out!

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