Reply to ‘Petulant Child’ for unsupporting WP

This is a reply to “Petulant Child” in her article (‘Why I am unsupporting the Workers’ Party‘).

It seems that from what I gather, the “Petulant Child” will not be voting for either the PAP or the WP in 2016. What is left is to spoil her vote or vote for another opposition party if there is a 3-corner fight in her ward.

I don’t intend to criticize the author’s points or rebut her point-by-point but to show her that going by her own standards, she might as well not be voting anyone at all!

There were two sex scandals in 2012 and 2013, one each by PAP and WP. They were not the firsts in our country. Some may still remember that in 2003, NSP NCMP Steve Chia took nude photos with his maid. He did not resign as MP, did not resign from party, was not expelled and is still around today. My gist is not to shame him or NSP but to ask ”Petulant Child” a question that came to my mind after reading her piece. Assuming in 2016 NSP contested in your ward and you have PAP, WP and NSP, who would you vote for? Would voting for NSP go against your own principles?

(To be fair to Chia and NSP, that was many moons ago. NSP have paid their dues after losing the NCMP seat and there is a new leadership now. All this is past.)

Online vitriol is never a good thing, as much as it happens as often as eating rice. As a netizen myself, I know that people who spill vitriol are not purely WP supporters, Many are also supporters of all opposition parties. Try criticizing the SDP and you will get the same thing from the same people. It is not easy for any party to control their supporters.

If you think another opposition party XXP has better policies than WP, by all means vote for them in a 3CF. But if you want to vote XXP because of WP supporters, is it fair? You think these people are WP supporters but they may also be XXP supporters.

I am not an auditor, but it is obvious that the author knows less about auditing work than I do. You can’t “prepare” for an audit. An audit captures financial activities for the whole year. It appears that when WP took over Aljunied TC handover there was a big mess and AIM wiped out all the past accounts. All the more we should vote in opposition to uncover the mess currently in the PAP town councils. Sylvia did not apologize for the audit or she would not have issued strong rebuttals against MND. She only apologized for not putting the sinking fund in the correct account. A very small mistake compared to the mess she had to take over from the PAP.

As I have agreed that this is not meant to be a rebuttal, I shall stop here. Bottom line is, be a coherent voter. If you have a choice between more than one opposition party, make your choice based on their policies and not a yardstick that no one measures up to. Unless you plan to spoil your vote no matter who comes to your ward.

If only the PAP and the WP come to your ward and you become disappointed, wishing that there was a third party to vote for, read through what I have said above and think again.

Richard Ho

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