MBS FT staff ticks off ah kong for sitting on floor

IT Shows are normally held at Suntec City or Expo but this year’s first IT Show opened at Marina Bay Sands. IT Shows are always packed to the rafters.

It’s a common sight to see shoppers resting by sitting on the floor to read the advertised products on fliers, to check out their purchases or simply to rest their aching legs.

Exhausted from standing around for three hours, I decided to take a breather by sitting on the floor at a quiet corner away from the human traffic. But an employee of MBS told me not to sit on the floor.

I asked him why. What is wrong with sitting on the floor I asked. He simply said he was just following instructions. It is not known if he was a foreigner from India.

I went over to ask a group, who looked like foreigners sitting on the floor as well if they were also ticked off. They said No.

Perhaps MBS wants to maintain the decorum and dignity of MBS which after all is home to many high class shops.

But the IT Show was already like a pasar malam to begin with. Perhaps, MBS fears that my backsides might soil its carpet or something?

Changi Airport looks more posh than MBS shopping areas and yet you see travellers and students sitting and even sleeping on the floor all the time.

For God’s sake, it was in MBS Basement 2 which is essentially a huge warehouse. If any IT Show were to be held in MBS again, I’d definitely boycott it.

On reflection, it’d be interesting to know how many Singaporeans MBS actually employs.

Ah Kong Lim

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