SingTel makes a clear stand on the topic of Whatsapp being chargable for Post-Paid Subscribers.

SingTel have made a clear statement on their Facebook post to clarify about the whole charging for Whatsapp usage saga.

Quote from SingTel’s post:

“There seems to be some misunderstanding on this topic, so we thought we should clarify. SingTel would like to assure our customers that we do not plan to charge them separately for the use of services like WhatsApp.”

First and foremost, thank you @SingTel for clearing up the entire situation as TGB had personally made a call to SingTel’s 1688 Customer Service helpline to verify about the situation at 11:30am this morning, with no apparent firm answer until somewhere around 1pm, which was already after I have made the first update to my earlier post.

  1. The ‘Whatsapp Pass’ is a value-added service aimed at providing a manageable data usage plan for heavy Whatsapp users on SingTel’s Post-paying subscription with limited or no-data plans at all.
  2. Also, they have in no sense any immediate plans to charge users for Whatsapp usage.

Once again, now that this is cleared, let’s give SingTel and break and focus on what good gadgets you need to get with your SingTel line.

*peace out.

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