9-year-old stabs himself with needles for missing one point on exam

Doctors in Harbin, Heilongjiang province removed four needles from the abdomen of a nine-year-old child who said he punctured himself as a form of self-punishment because he ‘only’ scored 99 percent on his final exam in school.

Global Times reports that doctors at The 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University spent over two hours removing the sewing needles that were buried in the child’s stomach.
His father told medical staff he had discovered lumps on his son’s stomach while bathing a few days earlier, but the boy had prevented him from checking closely. However, the boy began suffering intense stomach pain and was brought to the hospital.

The young student explained he had pierced his stomach with the needles as punishment for not scoring 100 percent as he did on previous exams.
Pressure to succeed sets in early for Chinese students, so much so that one in four secondary students consider suicide, according to surveys. In 2009, China’s students were ranked as the most stressed in the world, with high school students having the longest study hours as compared to students in Japan, the US and Korea.
“Moderate study pressure can better drive students to develop, however, too much will squeeze their development space, and can even cause harm to their physical and psychological health,” the survey said.

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