No evidence first-class graduates are better workers

It was stated in “How to get a job at Google” (Feb 24) that Google had found grade point averages to be “worthless as a criteria for hiring”.

This should be a wake-up call for parents who search for tutors the moment their children enter Primary 1.

The common wisdom among parents is that a child should go to university, get a good education, find a job and be financially successful. In this age of technology and smartphones, this concept may be outdated.

A university education can help one achieve some measure of success, but makes little difference to whether one is successful in other areas of life. Many real estate agents, for example, have succeeded without a degree to their name. One also does not need a degree to be a sports star or businessman.

Ogilvy Group UK Vice-Chairman Rory Sutherland said last year that he would be hiring graduates with third-class honours for a year, as “nobody has any evidence that, for any given university, recruits with first-class degrees turn into better employees”.

Ultimately, let our children enjoy their childhood and choose a career that befits their character.

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