Anthony Shaun Casey back in Singapore to face the music?

Anthony Shaun Casey (better known as Anton Casey) – erstwhile public enemy number one – is back in Singapore, according to a reliable tip-off received by TRE.

Casey left Singapore for Australia with his family under the guise of “safety for his family” despite a police report being made against him by a netizen, who like many Singaporeans, were deeply offended by his callous remarks about Singaporean train commuters and taxi-drivers.

Casey had posted a Facebook picture of his son sitting in an MRT train with the caption, “Daddy where is your car & who are all these poor people?”

He later posted another picture of his son sitting in his Porsche with the message, “Ahhhhhhhh reunited with my baby (Porsche). Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me FFS!” [Ed. FFS is an abbreviation for the British slang “for f**k’s sake”].

He also made fun of a local cab-driver and called him a “retard”.

Even Law and Foreign minister K Shanmugam was offended by Casey the boor. The minister said:

Like many Singaporeans, I am terribly upset and offended by what he (Casey) has posted. Deeply offensive, wrong, and unacceptable.

…Instead Mr Casey showed contempt. Having money and a Porsche, does not automatically mean that one is superior. Character is important. I am glad the community has come together to condemn what he has said.

He has attempted to apologise to Singaporeans. But some feel that the manner of his apology showed a lack of sincerity. And I think there is some basis for thinking that.

TRE has been reliably told that a police report was lodged against Casey on 22 January 2014 shortly after which Casey took off with his wife and son for Perth, Australia.

Casey apparently returned to Singapore a few days ago, said the informant who managed to call Casey on his mobile.

At this juncture, it is not known if any police action has been or will be taken against Casey.

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