LG Desmond Kuek, you have been given a bad deal that is for sure. Saw Phiak Hwa got off scot-free for all the damage she has done to SMRT. When she cabut. Ong Ye Kung wanted the CEO job badly. Lee Hsien Loong did not agree as he wanted Ong Ye Kung to be in parliament.

However, Ong was in the losing GRC team together with George Yeo.

Because Ong was not appointed, Pinky and Ho Jinx ‘picked’ you.

In PAP terms you were chosen and you did not have a choice.

Sorry to say, Ong Ye Kung would have made a better CEO, as he was well liked and close to the ground staff and knew how SMRT worked, being in the BOD for many years.

Too bad, now the shit Saw Phiak Hwa left behind is on your helpless lap.

You mentioned that the first generation trains had their power units changed!

Now this begs the $40,000,000.00 question. In 2008/9 these same first gen train were given a MID-life Upgrade. The work was done by Rotem of Korea. After spending so much money these units were not changed, RIGHT?

Yes, because Saw Phiak Hwa and her incompetent Project Manager saw to it the $40,000,000.00 was used only to make the interior of the trains look good. Just like PAP all wayang. Not a cent was spent to change the traction motors, air-con compressors, and other running parts of the trains! For this the Project Manager was promoted. When the 15 Dec 2011 major incident happened, all hell broke loose. Where was the VP Operations?

Second, the third gen trains are relatively new, why do you need to upgrade them? Were they not properly commissioned when they were bought? Whose responsibility was it to test and commission them? SMRT or LTA? Why and how could this happen?

Third, the signal problems are still there. What do you mean by ongoing? Can solve or not?

Hope your boast is real that your engineers are getting to the root causes to solve problems effectively.

From my experience, the SMRT culture has always been “let’s not tell others the problem is due to our dept”! In other words “let’s nor share information, else everyone will know the real problem is with us” culture. With the close interfacing of the various systems, not sharing information is as good as not getting to the root of the problem.

It is a purely keep information to ourselves culture. Why has this happened? It’s because of the inhumane zero error regime – targeting scapegoats for any error! Just like what they did to the train technicians and train driver in the recent incidents! And they did this to Blogger Gintai as well.

Do you know whether VP Inspectorate looked for the root cause of the problem or just stopped at punishing the staff? If this is so, you are doomed.

Ex SMRT employee

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