The thing about secrets is that it’s best when no one knows about it. That’s perhaps the best part about this bistro hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, set amongst lush greenery and the star lit sky. And as much as it pains us to disclose WaWaWa to the masses, we stay true to our ethos that good food is meant to be shared.

Set against a backdrop of twinkling lights with the accompaniment of cool reservoir breeze and the rhythmic thumps of a jogger’s footsteps, the bistro serves hearty food to hungry joggers or families looking to wind down and gather round after a long day at work.

Roasted Duck SaladLobster BisqueCalamari

For starters, we were served a charming medley of Smoked Duck Salad ($8.80), Lobster Bisque ($5.80) and Crispy Calamari ($8.80). Those looking to bulk up on their daily greens might not find what they’re looking for in the salad that came with a generous serving of smoked duck that was tastefully seasoned. But fireworks exploded when the sweet red beets were paired with the savoury duck breast, providing an interesting and invigorating blend of flavours which called to our tastebuds and hungry bellies alike.

While the classic lobster bisque usually comes chock full of flavours from the sea and can sometimes end up on the fishy side, this one from WaWaWa impressed us with its light yet creamy consistency that came brimming with the sweetness of shellfish. No fishy issues were raised.

German Pork Knuckle

We were however, let down by the bistro’s Signature German Pork Knuckle ($25.80) that, although received much praise from the online community, came through as too tough, lacking the tenderness of meat and the prized crisp exterior of a well executed knuckle.


While batman’s greatest enemy is a two faced schizophrenic, we’re head over heels in love with WaWaWa’s 2-in-one Pizza ($17.80) that allows you to choose 2 of your favourite pizza toppings on one huge crust. Feeling adventurous, we went for the Tom Yam Seafood Pizza as well as the German BBQ Pork Ribs Pizza that although sat on the opposite ends of the flavour spectrum, managed to settle amicably upon our palates.

Sweet-toothed diners should make the German BBQ Pork Ribs Pizza their after-hours staple because the tender pork came with a lingering caramelised aroma that differs from the honey tang of a classic tomato base. The Tom Yam Seafood Pizza on the other hand packs a spicy punch with chilli padi slices peppering the pizza, promising a burst of dynamite with every mouthful.

Wagyu Mini Burgers

Not too hungry? Get the Mini Beef Burgers ($13.80) to share. While the burger patty lacked the crumbly texture of ground beef and ended up a little more chewy than expected, we did find the accompanying bbq sauce to be a winner with just the right amount of tang and sweetness to whet up our appetites.

Soft Shell Crab Laksa

But which is the real star of the show, you ask. Well, we were absolutely blown away by the Soft-shell Crab Laksa ($12.80) that came with a rich and creamy laksa gravy that would give your regular hawker stalls a run for their money. While we didn’t enjoy the soft shell crab as much as the noodles (it was soggy and a little on the fishy side), the thick and flavourful gravy and perfectly blanched rice noodles more than made up for lacklustre crustacean, it won us over.

The food shines, it might even make you exclaim “Wa” thrice true to its name, but the thing that really differentiates WaWaWa from your regular bistro is that it stays true to the crowd it aims to cater to. Nestled in the family based neighbourhood of Bedok, we’re heartened that besides the regular bar grub and western fare, it puts in the effort to include asian nosh to satisfy the more traditional crowd. With arms wide open, the bistro welcomes family gatherings where the old, the young and everyone in between can come together for a meal. This bistro has definitely found a permanent spot in our hearts.

WaWaWa Bistro by the Reservoir
Location:  901 Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore 479266
Opening hours:  Monday to Thursdays: 5pm to 12am / Friday: 5pm to 1am / Saturday: 11am to 1am / Sunday: 11am to 12am

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