A woman who was charged in court with disorderly behaviour outside a restaurant in Little India created a stir in open court when she claimed that she had been treated unfairly.

R. Angelina is accused of shouting and gesticulating her arms outside Fakruddin restaurant at Desker Road last Saturday.

The 40-year-old woman, represented by Mr M. Ravi, told the court that she had brought her friend, a transsexual, to the restaurant but was told by the “owner” that the place was meant for only tourists, men and women.

Angelina asked why she and her lady friend could not patronise the restaurant as they were paying.

“I got so angry I took his glasses. I broke his glasses and poured the water in the restaurant. Then the restaurant owner took a chair and hit me and I called the police,” she said.

She claimed that she was the only person arrested but no action was taken against the “owner”.

“It is not fair,” she said, adding that she was locked up for one day.

Mr Ravi said he agreed completely with what his client said. He added that he would take up the matter in the High Court for “determining of transsexual rights”.

While the lawyer was talking, Angelina shouted and told the policemen on duty to shut up and subsequently hurled abusive words.

Mr Ravi then told his client: “Darling… you got to behave yourself. Relax.”

District Judge Ronald Gwee told the lawyer to advise his client not to use vulgar language.

The case was adjourned for further mention on March 31.

If convicted, she could be fined up to $1,000 or jailed for up to one month.

When contacted, an employee of the restaurant said it does not have a discriminatory policy.

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