Cecilia Cheung gives FSaaM staff writer, Xin Hui, an exclusive interview about her love affair… with SINGAPORE. 



Cecilia on her life as a mum

“I’m up at 5:30am, I make breakfast for the boys (she has 2 boys, Lucas and Quintus, I take them to school, (they attend the Stamford American International School) I hang out there. Take them to lunch, check on their homework, I do housework, I do things mums do.

Q: Don’t you have help?

“There are employment visa issues with bringing my helper from Hong Kong over, so this is the current routine, until we sort that out. But hey no complaints, I’m TOTALLY enjoying it.”

Q: Playing house, being mum, being in SG or just being Cecilia Cheung?

*playful slap on my arm* “Everything except the last part. *laughs* You might not believe me, but I just want to be normal person, do sports, be a good mum, and this is my opportunity to do just that.

Q: How’s school? The boys enjoying it? You enjoying the system?

*She gives a solid thumbs up* “It’s great here. I love it, more importantly, I can see my kids love it. They are waking me up to take them to school! – I can tell you, that is a first!”

At this point, we get interrupted by 2 guys who wanna take a picture with her.  She obliges, under the caveat they do not post it on social media. Still, I caught others from the corner of my eye sneaking some paparazzi shots in, so, as a professional journalist and also photo bomber, I sucked in my cheekbones and corrected my posture for good measure.

The interview resumes.

Cecilia on her social life

“What social life?!” she jokes. “This is as much fun as I get…”,

We sip on some beer and put our names down for a friendly game of pool. After she beats me in a brutal game of “winner-stays” pool, I made a mental note to regard her as BFF no longer, but a frenemy. She shares further.


“I’ve been blessed. I have met some good friends here who have taken good care of me, even my children have made friends. I grow to like my life here by the day”

She shows me some pictures from her phone:



Cecilia Cheung with Rice&Fries chef-owner husband and wife team Ken Chia and Xin Ying, their 2 boys, (Marcus and Lucas) who have become good friends with Lucas and Quintus.

I get this sense this is what Cecilia truly wants to do now, relax, unwind, have fun, and give back; not here to prove anything at all, except live the life she wants, with minimal disturbance.

Q: Do you want to work, act again, do any endorsements, give any interviews, make any appearances?

“Work. Charity work. I help out at local charity Willing Hearts and have fallen in love with all the people, the helpers, and the old folks we help…

and Acting? Sure… if the script is right.”

#Scriptwriters #movieproducers

FINALLY, Cecilia on her love life


Then she adds…

“I’m open to offers though!” 

#SGeligiblebachelors ALERT!!!


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