25 Foreign Talents from Myanmar, India and the Philippines pleaded guilty to using fake degrees to obtain work passes in Singapore and were sentenced to 4 to 12 weeks jail each.

The fake degrees were submitted as part of their applications to obtain work passes for Singapore and they went undetected until just recently.

The MOM issued 20 S Passes and 5 EPs to the 25 FTs with fake degrees between November 2012 and June 2013.

The MOM later discovered that the degrees were fake after doing some additional checks with the foreign institutions that the degrees were supposedly from.

What is puzzling is why weren’t these checks done before the workers were issued work passes? They are clearly not qualified for the work that they were doing and yet the MOM allowed them to come and work in Singapore.

Was the safety of Singaporeans put at risk while unqualified FTs carry on business in Singapore before their degrees were verified by the MOM?

The MOM explained that it was the FTs who had deliberately mislead their employers and MOM and their employers did not know that their degrees were fake. Therefore, no action would be taken against their employers.

While MOM has been able to find these 25 fake degree holding FT’s it’s clear that the initial checks conducted before work passes are granted are not sufficient.

How many more fake degree holding foreign workers are there in Singapore?

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