Pro-asexuality guide making the rounds online in S’pore

A pro-asexuality guide is gaining traction online in Singapore’s Internet atmosphere.

The guide, called Support Left/Right Hand, touting the benefits of singlehood by giving yourself up to a Higher Being by maintaining your chastity, has been well-received.

A young Singaporean, Qu Zi Ai, said: “I think this document brings a nice balance currently perpetuated by bigots and wishy-washy liberals online. I think there is a silent majority who just want to remain chaste and asexual.”

Experts interviewed said the asexual market is huge in Singapore.

Chi Dong Xi, an asexual expert, said: “If you take a look at the number of food blogs in Singapore, you will notice food porn is a huge industry. People get off to that kind of thing.”

“Having a family, getting attached or casual hook-ups are actually getting more rare. The conservatives and liberals fighting about sex are, in fact, the minorities in this debate who are just making the most noise and affecting everyone else’s concentration on self-love.”

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