Mr. Gan Kim Yong,

Minister of Health


cc. The Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong

cc Dr. Amy Khor (Ministry of Health)

Dear Minister Gan,

Yesterday, Prime Minister Lee, on behalf of the Government paid tribute to the Pioneer Generation to kick-off our Jubilee celebrations. Jubilee is a time of celebration and it is also a time of Restoration. As a representative of the Pioneer Generation (Law Sector) in the Tribute given, I would like to applaud the Government for restoring the Culture of Honor in our society by giving this Tribute to us, the Pioneer Generation. It is a good start for our Jubilee

This letter is in response to the tribute made to the Pioneer Generation by Prime Minister Lee. For those of us, pioneers in the legal sector, we had sought to inculcate truth, righteousness, honor, honesty and incorruptibility to those who underwent legal education in Singapore. These are values espoused by and so successfully implemented by our founding fathers who have laid such good foundations in our nation that to-day, we are able to see our Jubilee. It would be sheer ingratitude to remain silent and watch attempts by those who have no love for our country nor the fundamental values we espouse to steal our Jubilee.

(1) I refer to the outrage and controversy pertaining to the FAQ on Sexuality in the website of the Health Promotion Board (“HPB”). The entire FAQ and Answers are at odds with the Shared Values of our nation.

Anyone reading the FAQ on Sexuality and its Answers may reasonably conclude that the materials in the website have the effect of normalizing homosexuality. On the FAQ “How different is a same-sex relationship from a heterosexual relationship “, the answer is “ a same-sex relationship is not too different from a heterosexual relationship”. The effect of this would be to encourage a lobby for same-sex marriage on equality of treatment and human right arguments.

I understand that when the attention of MOH was drawn to this website, it agreed that the FAQ on Sexuality and the Answers might give the public the wrong impression that HPB is promoting and endorsing homosexuality and that it had referred the matter to HPB.

(2 ) HPB in its FAQ on Homosexuality/Bisexuality directs the readers who wish to determine their sexuality to check out the Kinsey Scale. Many who have knowledge of the works of Kinsey are outraged that HPB is introducing our people to Kinsey whose questionable sex research launched the sexual revolution of the 1960s.. The sexual revolution opened the Pandora’s box of pansexuality , where all kinds of sex is morally equivalent – be it man and man sex, woman and woman sex, paedophilia sex, incest , rape and bestiality. We know that pansexuality was rampant in ancient societies. We also know from history how civilizations are destroyed by moral decadence such as the Roman Empire. History also shows that it was the Judeo Christian value of marriage of one man and one woman for a lifetime, accountable for their children, which led to stability and the growth and prosperity of Western civilizations. With the abandonment of this ethos in the West now, we see a regression to pansexuality ; we see not only sexual anarchy but economic disaster as in Greece. In the midst of its economic bankruptcy, in January 2012, Greece expanded the list of state-recognized disability categories to include paedophiles who become entitled to disability benefits. Furthermore, some have argued that bestiality should be a human right. Ironically, they are encountering opposition by animal rights group as in Germany. In Sweden, it is reported that sexual abuse of animals is on the rise. I do not think Singapore would want to regress to pansexuality nor go the Kinsey way.

(3) HPB in its FAQ answer to parents on help for children struggling with their sexuality, recommended Oogachaga which is a LGBTQ Counselling Centre. HPB removed this from their website when complaints were made. HPB needs to explain why this center was recommended in the first place.. HPB needs to explain why they think group sex found in the website of this counselling center promotes health. Seehttp://www.oogachaga.com/congregaytion/news/detail/358/Group-Sex

(4 ) In the FAQ and Answer on Homophobia and Biphobia, HPB is effectively promoting hatred against Singaporeans who subscribe to the Shared Values of our nation; that the family unit comprises “one man, one woman, marrying, having children and bringing up children within the framework of a stable family unit”. This contradicts the requirements of civility and tolerance in the Public Square. It encourages name-calling in the Public Square so as to eliminate rational discussion. It is also in conflict with the Religious Harmony Act. The question that arises is how does this promote the health of Singaporeans?

(5) In the FAQ ‘Are Homosexual and Bisexual men more likely to get STIs/HIV,” the Answer fails to highlight that the incidence of HIV among homosexuals is rising; that 1-4% of homosexuals are responsible for 45% of the HIV cases in Singapore. Since the HPB is primarily concerned with health issues, the FAQ and Answers are reticent in showing the high risk in men and men sex. Should not such information be given ?

In light of the detrimental effect of the FAQ and Answers in the HPB website, particularly the normalizing of homosexuality and the demonization of Singaporeans who do not endorse the homosexual lifestyle, we ask for

(i) the FAQ on Sexuality in the website of HPB to be taken down ;and

(ii) a Public Enquiry to be convened immediately to determine who in HPB is responsible for this

There is a serious breach of Corporate Governance involving a statutory body funded by taxpayers. The public needs to see prompt action demonstrating that statutory boards are not above the law and that HPB is held accountable for its actions.

I look forward to a positive reply. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Thio Su Mien

Pioneer Generation (Law)


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