Ann Kok to “take a break” from showbiz

SINGAPORE: Singapore actress Ann Kok recently revealed that she will be “taking a break” from showbiz, and will not be renewing her contract with MediaCorp when it expires in March.

Kok said she decided not to renew her contract because she wanted to “rest” and “have more time to do other things”, but declined to give details on just what those “other things” are.

“I can’t really say much right now because there isn’t anything concrete yet, and it involves other people as well,” said Kok in a phone interview with on Friday.

Is she “taking a break” because she found her Mr Right and wants to settle down?

“No! Don’t make wild guesses!” said Kok with a chuckle.

She said she will “work with MediaCorp again if there are any good scripts or roles” in the future, and stressed that she does not intend to quit showbiz.

Kok, who appears in the currently-airing drama “Soup of Life”, is set to appear in one more television drama before going on her break.

She will also make her film debut alongside Singapore actor Christopher Lee in the comedy “Filial Party”, which will be released in May.

– CNA/ha

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