Apparently, Singaporeans’ concerns about JB being unsafe are misguided, according to the Johor Police Chief who said that the state is “safe beyond doubt”.

Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff declared that the police are in full control of the situation despite widespread belief that Johor is dangerous.

He pointed to recently released statistics on crime rates in Johor saying that the number of crimes has decreased by about 10% since 2012. The rate of crime has also steadily been decreasing since 2008 with a total 36% fewer reported cases.

It would appear that he was speaking mainly to Singaporeans as he later also emphasised that Singaporeans are not specifically targeted for crimes when in Johor.

He explained that “crimes are committed when an opportunity arises regardless of race, religion, sex and nationality.”

It would seem that he is trying to bluff us. He acknowledged that crimes occur when “opportunities present themselves” but clearly many criminals see “opportunity” when they see Singaporeans driving nice cars and holding Sing Dollars.

Often, Singaporeans go to Johor for shopping and are likely to take with them a lot of cash. They may also drive nicer cars giving off the impression that they may be holding more money.

Singaporeans are more likely to be holding Sing Dollars which is worth more and they may also have less of an idea of how to get help in Malaysia if they become a victim of crime.

When they are robbed, it is more troublesome to work with the police to track down the culprit given that Singaporeans do not usually reside in Johor.

All these factors mean that Singaporeans are more likely to have more money to steal and the criminals might be less likely to get caught. On top of this, they are easy to identify, especially when they drive around in cars with S- plates.

If this doesn’t scream “opportunity”, then I don’t know what the Johor Police Chief is talking about.

While all these may be generalisations, it is obviously beneficial for criminals to target victims who are more likely to have money and less likely to be able to catch them afterward, it just so happens that Singaporeans fit this category perfectly when they visit Johor.

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