“Have you seen that girl? Have you seen her?… She can’t sing. She can’t dance. But who cares? She walks like Rihanna.” I was humming this song by The Wanted as I made my way for an exclusive interview with Serina and Sharon.

So you have seen and heard news about Serina’s beautiful look? Her dress sense stirred a tsunami of news-a Facebook page was created to admire her beauty from afar off. The newpapers reported that Sharon Tan started an online fashion store carrying Serina’s style.

Hey! But who is Serina Wee and who is Sharon Tan? What do you know about them? Sharon is a career-woman-turned-stay-at-home mom/entrepreneur in her thirties who always loves uniquely-designed apparels. Serina runs an accounting firm and has always been passionate about fashion and on-line shopping.

The Missy Stella team had an exclusive interview with Serina Wee and Sharon Tan. They are founders and partners of Missy Stella. We got to know them a little bit more and find out how it is like working with a friend of more than 14 years.

sharon tan

Sharon Tan

serina wee

Serina Wee

1. What are your hobbies?

Sharon: I like shopping.

Serina: I like exercising, going to the gym, jogging and bike ride. Keeping fit keeps me going.

2. What is your favourite food?

Sharon: Anything local, especially hawker food, like Char Kuey TeowFishball noodles, chicken rice, etc.

Serina: I like dessert, especially dark chocolate cakes and ice cream.

3. What is your dislikes?

Sharon: I don’t like window shopping! It feels miserable when you do not have the budget to buy.

Serina: Lizards!!!

4. Who is your favourite designer?

Sharon: Victoria Beckham.

Serina: I don’t have a favourite designer. Though I follow trends, I choose clothes that reflect who I am and what I feel comfortable in. It does not necessarily have to be the latest trend.

5. Where do you shop for your bags, shoes and apparels?

Sharon: Everywhere! My latest shop now is Missy Stella. I love the clothings that we have brought in. (Giggle)

Serina: I am an avid online shopper. I love the flexibility and that I am able to browse through many items in seconds! (Believe her!)

6. What skincare and makeup products do you use?

Sharon: I use Dermalogica and Sothys for my skincare. I go for facials at Body Inc. For makeup, I use various brands like Shu Umera, Mac, Tom Ford. Recently, I discovered that the Sephora house brand is quite good! And the price is reasonable too. I love their new lipstick!

Serina: I use Clinique for skincare. For makeup, I use those that are popular, effective and are value for money. I use different brands for different products. If I find something that works for me, I will keep using it.

7. What is your favourite movie that impacted you?

Sharon: I hardly watch movies. But recently, I caught an old movie, ‘The Notebook’. It is such a romantic story. It reminded me that love is not just a feeling. Love is a commitment.

Serina: The most recent movie would be “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. One takeaway was to always take the small steps of faith to begin any journey because we never know what we will find.

8. What do you do during weekends?

Sharon: I spend time with my family during weekends. Family time is priceless.

Serina: I enjoy time with the family during weekends. I make a choice to keep them as my first priority.

9. Tell us which women impacted you the most? Why?

Sharon: It has to be my mum. Who I am today is largely influenced by her. I grew up seeing how she kept herself strong despite going through many hardships in life.

Serina: I am impacted by friends I know who go through serious life challenges like sicknesses, financial difficulties, divorces and still manage to stand up and keep walking with a smile. They are the real heroes who inspire me that no matter what life throws at you, your attitude will determine whether you crumble under the pressure or you walk out of the situation as stronger person.

10. Why did you start Missy Stella?

We founded Missy Stella & Co Pte Ltd after much encouragement from our close friends.

In our fourteen years of friendship, we have had our share of life’s ups and downs, but at the same time, we have also discovered our shared love and passion for fashion across different styles. Somewhere at the back of our minds, we’ve always dreamt of designing our own clothing line and creating our own label. In July 2013, at a time when we were going through what felt like the lowest point in our lives – with the encouragement of our friends and loved ones – we took up the courage and decided to act on our dream.

Our inspiration for the brand comes from the Latin or Italian word Stella which means “star” or “beautiful as a star”. We believe there are promises in the stars which gives us hope for the future – and it’s on this same hope that Missy Stella was born.

11. What is your view about each other as a friend and as a business partner?

Sharon: Serina is one of the kindest and most gentle ladies I have ever met. I think she is one person I know who doesn’t have enemies, only friends. At work, we have disagreed many times as colleagues and even till now as partners, over different views. But we have learnt to take it in a very objective manner and we do not bring our difference out of the board room.

Serina: Sharon is an amazing friend who I can share anything with. Our friendship grew in adversity. We are very different and yet alike in many ways and that’s what makes us complement each other.

12. Can you leave us with a quote today?

Sharon: Live your dream. Live every moment.

Serina: Take the leap, make the journey. You will never know who you will become until you do.

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