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First up – I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years – I come from a line of 4 generations of Christians.

But I think that any religion Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu etc.. that seeks to police the personal morality of non-believers or even believers – and to enforce their views on them by force – is pure and simple tyranny.

Whatever people do – consenting adults in their own home or bed – is their own affair – so long as no one is getting abused or hurt.

If people want to hold a 24 hour prayer meeting – go ahead.

If people want to pray in tongues in their church or bed – no problem.

If people want to believe that the Book of the Law ie. Levitcus is a blessing to read – sure, no one stopping you.

But what gives people the right to prevent a gay or lesbian couple from living together?

People talk about morality – well fuck, sometime ago the church through the power of the state was forcing women to live with abusive husbands til the day they died. And if you study history you’ll also realize that – fuck – the church is the past was actually quite repressive and frequently sanctioned or acquiesed to immoral wars – like the Opium War against China.

I want to get married one day to a woman who loves me as much as I love her. I want to cherish and love her wholly. My inclination on this matter is as natural to me as breathing air. I didn’t make a choice in the matter. I love my girl; I love her sensual forms. I love holding her and making love to her.

But this is purely natural to me – I did not make a conscious choice in the matter. I didn’t wake up one morning and make up my mind on the matter.

So I fully sympathize with homosexuals, lesbians etc.. who feel the same way as I do but only that they love a member of the same gender as themselves.

Now with regard to Pastor Khong and the City Harvest and all the other blessed Christians – I say, go and live your lives the way Christ taught us – Love God and love and respect your neighbor as yourself. If you want to change the world – don’t change it by trying to force your opinions onto other people’s private matters.

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