Adopt a retired Police K-9 dog

The Police K-9 unit is putting another batch of retired dogs up for adoption. Help us find them a home.

 Major. PHOTO: K-9 Unit

Breed :  German Shepherd

Sex   :  Male

Color   :  Black/Tann

Sterilized   :   No

D.O.B :  2nd  February 2005

Country of Birth  :   United Kingdom

Medical Condition   : Healthy but slow moving.

Dog Fighter  :  No

Aggression towards Children :  Not Tested

Toilet-Trained :  No (Passes motion on grass)

AVA Dog License Fee   :   $70 per Annual

AVA Requirements :   Banker’s guarantee of $2,000 and Insurance coverage for at least $100,000.

HDB Approved   :  No

Feed  :  1.5 Cup of Dried Lamb Kibbles (Approx 450g) daily.

Recommended Grooming  : Normal Shampoo; Vaccinated every year against parasites; Heartworm and frontline given to be every month; De-worming tablets to be given every 3 month; 


 Kaze. PHOTO: K-9 Unit

Breed :   German Shepherd

Sex: Male

Color: Black & Tann

Sterilized:  No

D.O.B:  09 May 2006

Country of Birth:  China

Previous Job Scope:  Security Dog

Medical Condition:  History of poor appetite with soft stool, hookworms, but has recover since.

Dog Fighter:  Yes

Friendly with Human: Yes

Aggression towards Children: Not Tested

Toilet-Trained: No (Passes motion on grass)

AVA Dog License Fee: $70 per year

AVA Requirements:  Bankers Guarantee $2,000 and Insurance Coverage for at least $100,000.                                                              

HDB Approved :  No

Feeding :  1.5 Cups of Dried lamb Kibbles daily.  (Approx 450g)

Recommended Grooming : Normal Shampoo (body); Vaccinated every year against parasites; Heartworm and frontline to be given every month; De-worming tablets to be given every 3 month. 

A big thank you to everyone who made the previous adoption drive a success. This batch of dogs have put in many years of dedicated service and hard work for the Home Team. Please help us provide them with a loving home so that they retire with pride and dignity. Viewing is available on weekdays from 9a.m.-3p.m. Please contact Yulan at 9178 4347 to make arrangements to view the dogs.  

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