Youth in Singapore optimistic about their future: Survey

Young people in Singapore are optimistic about their future, a new survey has found.

The Mastercard Youth Confidence Index measures the short-term outlook and confidence levels among youth aged 18 to 29 in the Asia-Pacific region, with zero being the most pessimistic and 100 as most optimistic.

Through online surveys and face-to-face interviews, respondents were asked about their six-month outlook on five economic factors: their employment prospects, the economy, regular income, and their present versus expected quality of life in five years.

Singapore youth had an overall score of 68.8, behind Myanmar which topped the table of 16 regions with a score of 92.4. Youth in India and Indonesia had scores of more than 80.The lowest-ranking was Taiwan with 42.2.

Using more specific factors, youth in Singapore indicated that they were most optimistic about their regular income prospects, but were neutral about their outlook about their current life situations.

Separately, in another Mastercard survey which polled people aged 30 and above, respondents were asked similar questions. The resulting index for this older group of people was 61.5, lower than the overall confidence score of 67.8 for the youth.

Singapore was one of the countries which recorded higher optimism among youth, with the economy being one of the concerns of the older population.

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