The greatest fallacy of the LGBT argument is: I have no choice. I can’t help it. I’ve tried so hard to change. Therefore, I am born this way。 So give me my space. It is my right. Don’t oppress me.”

As a pastor of more than 36 years, I’ve heard this again and again from different people, adults and even well educated and successful people, on so many different destructive behaviors.

This is exactly what drug addicts have told me. ” I have no choice. I can’t help it. I’ve tried so hard to change. I’ve gone in and out of DRC. Everytime, I come out. I am determined to change. Yet before I can get home after my release, I went back into drug. Therefore, I am born this way。this is my fate, my lot. So give me my space. It is my right. Don’t oppress me.”

A husband said to me, “I can’t help it. When I am attracted to a woman, I have to peruse her until I can have her. I love my wife. But I can’t help it. I am made this way. ”

I hear the same from wife beater, gambler, kleptomaniac, pedophile, homosexual, lesbians, etc. I have them crying profusely in my office about their struggles. They are so genuine, so honest with their feelings, so sincere but SO WRONG. I have to challenge them to act against their own passion. Confront them with their wrong. Help them not to give excuses. Teach them to take personal responsibility and not to blame others. And above all help them to encounter God and His power.

I’ve seen many changed over the years. Yet there are many who harden their hearts. Some get angry at me for calling what they do as sin eg pornography, drug abuse, molestation, homosexuality adultery etc. Sadly, they walk away saying that I don’t understand when I don’t accept their excuses. They think that I despise them because I insist that what they do is wrong. However, like a physician, the most cruel thing to do is to tell a patient that his cancer is ok. Everything is fine.

This is the deception I see occurring around the world with regard to morality. If the gays who have anal sex which is clearly unnatural (we don’t put the petrol nozzle into the car exhaust pipe) say “I am born this way. So give me my rights.” Why can’t the pedophile, the incestous, necrophilia, those who practice beastiality, etc say the same.

What if one day we discover the existence of a violent gene, should murderers be protected. The difference between man and animal is that we don’t have to yield to our primal instinct. We don’t just do what we like, what we feel like doing but what is best for humanity, our nation and civilization.

Lawrence Khong

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