According to a consumer experience study conducted by the MDA in 2013, MediaCorp TV is the broadcasting media that Singaporeans watch the most.

The survey looked at consumers’ media consuming habits and looked at the use of TV, newspapers & magazines as well as online news.

It found that among the 1,700 respondents, the average time spent watching MediaCorp’s free-to-air channels was 16.5 hours every week.

In comparison, Starhub cable was watched an average of 4.6 hours a week with SingTel’s mio TV only being watched 1.9 hours a week on average.

There was also a sharp increase in the consumption of online news compared to the previous year with the respondents spending an average of 12.9 hours reading news and media online.

In 2011, respondents only spent an average of 6.8 hours reading news media online.

Reflecting on the results of the survey, MediaCorp’s managing director, Bernard Lim said that MediaCorp is clearly still relevant. He also said that this is a great achievement given the amount of competition in the industry.

However, it is unknown what ‘competition’ he was referring to as MediaCorp is the only broadcaster who operates on Free-to-air.

For those who cannot afford to purchase pay-TV, they will definitely watch MediaCorp.

Within MediaCorp itself, the most popular channels appear to be Channel News Asia, followed by Vasantham, Suria and Channel U.

In general, Those surveyed felt satisfied with Singapore’s media services saying that they were reliable and service standard was generally good.

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