Letter to Today: I am not Lawrence Khong

Dear Today,

I refer to your article published on 15-Feb titled, “Islamic association calls HPB’s FAQ insensitive to prevailing view on homosexuality”.

In the article, you wrote that Lawrence Khong “said he had started an online petition to garner 25,000 signatures.”

I have checked Lawrence Khong’s facebook post. He did not say that he had started an online petition at all. This was what he had written:

“…To this end, I have written to the Minister for Health to request for a public enquiry to uncover who is responsible for this unfortunate publication. FCBC, do not remain silent. Let our voices be heard and sign the petition at gopetition.fcbc.org.sg to request the Minister for Health to conduct a thorough review of the information on HPB’s website. We are aiming for at least 25,000 signatures so that our message is clearly heard…”

I believe Lawrence Khong shares the same concerns that I and many Singaporeans share and he therefore supports the petition that I have set up. I welcome Lawrence and FCBC’s support even though I am not affiliated to FCBC. In fact, I am not affiliated to any churches or mosques. I act independently. My blog contains nothing religious. My objection to HPB’s FAQ is not based on religious grounds, but objective rationale.I aim to be scientific and factual in my reasoning as I believe that is the only way to move this sensitive debate forward.

That said, I am pleased to find religious organizations like FCBC and PERGAS supporting my stand and I welcome their support for the petition. I noted that Lawrence even provided a weblink which in fact, links to my petition site. I have no problem with this.

However, I wish to state clearly that this is not a petition for Christians or Muslims. It is a petition for all who care for Singapore and about the kind of environment that future generations of Singaporeans will grow up in. While I understand most of my petition’s support would come from the religious circles and I totally welcome it, I hope that even non-religious organizations and individuals can sign on this petition as well. We are Singaporeans. This is the common home we all live in, regardless of race, language or religion. How would we like it to look like? How would we like it to look like for our children?

V-Day Gay Lesbian Photo SpreadI am just gutted that pro-homosexuality propaganda continues to invade our shores on all front, using all occasions e.g.Valentine’s day. Even with the majority of us stating our stand clearly, the “militant” activists have no care of easing their unceasing, unrelenting lobbying, causing people like me to have to take time out from my family and from my own busy schedule, to write and to guard the treasured values of our country.

I used the word “militant” because I have been threatened by someone. This person has tried to hunt me down and even posted very publicly about who I am.

This has caused me to think seriously about the homophobia accusation that is often thrown at people like us. I am convinced that there is no or little homophobia in Singapore. Why do I say that? I have homosexual friends and colleagues and we work together in harmony (they are not like the militant activists who keep pushing their agenda insensitively and incessantly to the rest of us). They may have their private lives and I totally understand that everyone has a right to choose the way they want to live. I don’t impose on them. I care for them and I will stand together with them if they are bullied or threatened.

However, this does not seem to be the same for the activists. They are so uncivil that it seems like the moment I disagree with their promotion of homosexuality to society at large, they will call me names. I mean, if I don’t impose on how you should live your life, why force it down all my throat that I must agree with you on everything, to the point that you want my children to embrace and celebrate homosexuality? Now, this crosses boundaries and gets me defensive.

There are many stories I have heard – all verifiable – how in Singapore, people who disagree with the promotion of homosexuality has been called names, vilified, and even received death threats. In fact, I understand this is an increasing worldwide trend.

So I believe that in Singapore, it’s not homophobia that is really real. What is real, is homophobic phobia – the fear of being bullied, targeted because you are unfairly labeled by militant activists to be a homophobic, for disagreeing with them. This is very real. That is why I had to make my petition private, to safeguard everyone’s identity.

This is also one of the reasons why I am writing to you to clarify that I am in fact, not Lawrence Khong. I don’t wish to implicate him in any way. I am appreciative of how he and MP Lim have stood out for the majority of Singaporeans. They are acting honorably and I am thankful for their stand, made on behalf of all of us. They are the brave ones who went public with who they are. They have enough of homophobic phobia to face. Let not my identity add on to it. If the guy who’s hunting me down acts on Lawrence, I would have done a misdeed for not clarifying this.

Hence, I hope you can correct your error, in claiming that Lawrence has said that he was the one who started the petition. I believe such is the duty of all responsible news agencies; all news agencies must work with the highest level of integrity and seek to spread facts and not lies. This wrong claim will perpetuate falsehood and create much confusion at its least. At its worst, it can implicate lives or affect the outcome of the petition, and hence, Singapore. It is a wrong that I hope your esteem paper will seek to right.

As I could not find who the editor who wrote the article is, from your online website, I am sending this clarification request through your generic email.

I thank you in advance for acting responsibly.


Author of The Petition

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