Dear Mr Goh,

Really, thanks alot for your kind gesture in sincerely wanting to help people without any motive save to benefit humanity.

God can see that and will ensure your organisation prospers by raising up more like minded people like you!

I am only a petite lady but am taking on 2 jobs to feed my estranged family of 8 with no support whatsoever, hence, receiving a just salary & CPF on time is a must for me else I’ll be stuck like now.

My 2 daughters have to skip school sometimes just to look after my grandchild as we can’t afford childcare nor does the government wish to help poor people like us to break out of this cycle.

Your kind aid will help me tide through currently but I don’t know what the long term plan for me is as my application for WDA Diploma in Culinary Arts is rejected with no rationale.

Hope also you can kindly highlight the plight of many of my colleagues in dr. CAFE but sign me off as “anggerik biru” as you are already aware of the genuinity of this case.

CPF has taken action while MOM is still sitting on the fence waiting for red-tapes to clear.

Anggerik Biru

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