Malay-Muslim organisations’ contributions should be acknowledged: Halimah

SINGAPORE — Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob today (Feb 15) said the wonderful work of many Malay-Muslim organisations should be acknowledged.

Her comments were made as a police report was lodged yesterday by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) against Pertapis Children’s Home, following allegations of children being “inappropriately punished physically” by the shelter’s staff.

Madam Halimah said: “This matter is under police investigation, so I think we should leave it to the police until they complete their investigation.

“My heart goes out to the children, and I hope that their interests will be taken care of, and I am sure that the MSF will come in to take care of their interests.

“But I also want to say that many of our Malay-Muslim organisations are really doing wonderful work and we should also acknowledge that.

“However, I hope that this is something that will be dealt with properly and that the children’s interests should be the priority.”

She was speaking on the sidelines of a breast cancer seminar organised by Ain Society to increase the awareness and dispel myths and misconceptions about breast cancer.

She also launched Ain Society’s new logo, and a new bus which will be used to help beneficiaries.

The bus, donated by Hong Leong Foundation, will ferry less mobile beneficiaries to and from their medical appointments as well as help them attend Ain Society’s programmes.

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